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notes to the choirmaster: 2 samuel 22

David’s divinely inspired compositions excelled in many ways. His songs include both contemplative and pastoral psalms. They range from expressions of praise to narrative history, from the joys of the grape harvest to the pomp of the palace inauguration, from reminiscences to hope, from request to entreaty.

This style and the series overall is about peeling back the layers of my process. Each piece represents a musical composition, and there’s a direct transfer of my palette and textual notes onto the actual piece itself. I tend to put colors into a progression like this before I apply it to a piece, but here I wanted to skip the paper study and go straight to the linen. The work is intended to be read instead of viewed, like the single notes of a song on a page versus listening to it being played.

Acrylic, oil stick, pastel, pencil, graphite on linen applied to wood

24" x 30" x 3"