pour it out

This piece is complex and chaotic, but orchestrated and planned all the same. With many challenges surrounding my own personal circumstances, the painting serves as a welcomed reminder that life itself is beautiful - despite being a combination of many small, tumultuous situations.

The painting also represents God's coverage and assurance in these times of pain and confusion. The fullness of his presence fills us in a way that earthly things cannot. The lyrics below were a strong contributor to the naming and color selection of the piece:

"Fullness of eternal promise
Stirring in Your sons and daughters
Earth revealing heaven's wonders
Spirit come, Spirit come
What You spoke is now unfolding
All Your children shall behold it
Dreams awaken in this moment
Spirit come, Spirit come
Pour it out, let Your love run over
Here and now, let Your glory fill this house."

Acrylic on canvas

48" x 60" x 2” | 2017



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