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“Love The Sojourner” is part of an ongoing project with New Waterloo Hospitality Management for the South Congress Hotel property. Inspiration for this particular piece was drawn from the transient nature of the room in which it is displayed. The lobby of the hotel is one of the most influential spaces in Austin, with well-to-do guests from all over the world constantly passing through. My goal for the painting was to reinforce an inviting atmosphere for guests, or sojourners - where ever they came from and are going to next, at SCH they have a home. The distressed canvas background is contrasted by warm tones and golden accents. “Love The Sojourner” is situated between beautiful displays in the lobby shop, near the front door of the main lobby.

Acrylic, Oil Stick, Pastel, Graphite and organic materials on Canvas

68" x 42" x 2" | 2018


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