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casting lots

The base layer of this piece has organic material from the area around my studio. I was blessed with this space to create, and often find myself incorporating dirt and sediment nearby for texture and distress.

Casting lots was a method used by the Jews of the Old Testament and by the Christian disciples prior to Pentecost to determine the will of God. Scripture cites many instances of people casting lots, and it seems to be used when important decisions needed to be made, but there was not enough guidance that had already been provided through wisdom and/or Scripture. Often times twigs or rocks were used to cast lots, which influenced the colors selected for the piece. In addition, there are marks and call outs throughout the composition that serve as reminders of what I’ve been given.

Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Pencil, Spray Paint, Graphite on Canvas

48" x 36" x 2”



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